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Faster weekly diet save you from excess weight

Faster weekly diet save you from excess weight

Rapid slimming magazine is pleased to offer its visitors per day Mtabaaha valued and fastest diet 
save you from excess weight and unwanted in just 7 days, without a negative impact on the health of the body and the tool of all its members and its functions. Despite the inadequacy of this accursed for nursing mothers, pregnant women, children and those suffering from diseases and health problems that prevent them from following the pattern or diet or a specific diet, but the fastest diet program is very effective for those who wish to enroll in a military college or the like running a thinner and more slender in a suitable close and healthy.

Tips and instructions faster Diet:

1. fruit permitted during the period of follow Dieting is the pear, plum, apple, peach, guava, oranges and bananas.
2. permitted after breakfast to take 1 cup of red or green tea without sugar or the least amount of sugar Diet secured note that the daily limit is 2 tablespoons sugar.
3 green peppers, lettuce, cucumbers, parsley and boiled zucchini and cucumbers (delivered) and watercress balls and vegetables are allowed to address them throughout the day and especially when feeling very hungry in the first days of the accursed.
4. to be drinking at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day to improve the effectiveness of diet and lack of fluid loss.
5. Dieting may not be followed for more than seven days without a specialist doctor supervisor's permission.

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Gold is a chemical element in either on the surface of the earth's crust in the form of granules within   the rock, and in the depths of the rivers, or in the ground in the form of veins, a yellow and shiny.

It is a precious metal with a very high value, which make a lot of people use criticism as a unit, except for inserted into the jewelery that adorned the women industry.

Karat gold:
Calibres in gold is a way to classify gold bullion based on the purity of any quantity of an item or gold metal in comparison with other materials (zinc and copper), measured in gold carat which is equal Caliber out of 24 carat gold, Fiear one means that the mixture consists of one part went against the 23 another part of the copper and zinc.

Gold is months shots: 
24 carat: symbolizes the pure gold that the percentage of gold                        in metal alloys with a minimum of 99.9%.
22 carat:  the amount of gold in the alloy weight equal to one kg                       and 916.7 g.
21carat : the amount of weight equal to one kg and 875 gm.
18 carat: as the amount of gold in the alloy weight equal to one kg and 750 gm.

Gold prices today in Saudi Arabia (SAR)

  Daily analysis of gold prices today in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Riyal. Next report offers you the average price of gold in grams, ounce, Kilo, pound and gold in Saudi Arabia different Bayarat (24,22,21,18,14,10) and all weights.

Types of vitamins and mineral

Types of vitamins and minerals and their sources

Vitamins and Minerals play an important role in maintaining the health of the body and help to keep the immune system in good condition and to assist in the healing of wounds and disease control. So should we get all the vitamins and minerals we need through a balanced healthy diet that includes at least five servings a day of fruits and vegetables and we must try as much as possible to underestimate the taking vitamins and minerals in the form of pharmaceutical products as they may inhibit the absorption of other minerals or may accumulate updated in the liver poisoning medication so you must take medical advice when we dealt with these drugs.

Sources and functions of vitamins and minerals:-
Vitamin A or beta-carotene:
Beta-carotene is a dark yellow dye found in some foods naturally, which the body converts to vitamin A, also known Balritinol

It is present in milk, margarine, cheese, egg yolk, liver, fish oil, tuna, sardines. Found in fruits and vegetables, especially carrots, tomatoes, red bell pepper, vegetables Alo paper, mangoes, apricots, broccoli, sweet potatoes.

Vitamin B1:
Found in breakfast cereals, potatoes, milk and dairy products, meat and dairy products, fruits and vegetables

Vitamin B2:
Found in milk and dairy products, breakfast cereals, meat and dairy products, brewer's yeast, eggs.

Benefits of Vitamin B2:

Essential for the development and growth of the body.

Vitamin B12:
It contributes mainly in the composition and safety of red blood cells, Maintaining the integrity of the nervous system
Found in animal foods (meat and dairy products), milk and dairy products, fish, eggs, and also in breakfast cereals, brewer's yeast, and some marine algae.

Vitamin C:
Necessary for the safety of the blood vessels, bones, and muscles , It helps in the healing of wounds,It increases the absorption of iron found in food and It helps protect cells.

Found in fruits especially citrus fruits such as lemon, grapefruit, fruit juice, green leafy vegetables, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes.

Vitamin D:
It helps the body absorb calcium from food so it is essential for the integrity of bones and teeth,Important and necessary for the safety of the nervous system and the heart.

Found in margarine, fish oil, oily fish such as mackerel, salmon and sardines, egg yolks, breakfast cereals.

Vitamin E:
It found in vegetable oils, margarine, egg yolks, whole grains, almonds, and leafy vegetables.

A few healthy recipes calories

healthy recipes

Fettuccine Alfredo Diet

:The amounts of fettuccine alfredo Diet
600 gm spaghetti, fettuccine
1  cup low-fat milk, liquid
1+1/2  cup Parmesan cheese
1/4  cup cream, low-fat
1  tablespoon butter
1+1/2 tbsp starch
3  garlic cloves
5  leaf basil or basil, fresh, minced
Seasoning to taste
Salt to taste

Preparation method:
1. Pasta climb Alffucina according to the instructions on the box about 3 minutes, then drain and wait     minutes.
2. Zadh heat large pot to melt, then add the garlic and stir for a minute then add the milk and starch         and mix batters over medium heat until it becomes Intensifies.
3- Add the pasta to the amount and volatility
4. Add the Parmesan cheese and generous to the pot and mix ingredients and then sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.
5. The volatility of the pasta well and sprinkle with chopped basil and then offering them hot

The benefits of diet and recipes for lemon

The benefits of diet and recipes for lemon

Diet Lemon has rapidly emerged as one of the accursed species, which helps to reduce the weight because the lemon has a natural ability to purify the body and slimming and melt the accumulated abdominal fat. This diet also is suitable for all ages and groups, it does not prevent certain eating foods but prefers to use reasonable amounts of foods and not to eat carbohydrates and sugars extensively and rely more on fruits, vitamins and proteins even shows the effect of this type of diet.

Diet Lemon benefits for the body:

- Helps to cleanse the body of toxins, especially the intestine
- Works to lose weight quickly and as effectively and safely because of the nature and away from    drugs.
- It helps to relax the nerves, arteries and blood vessels
- Reduce the proportion of fat in the body, where the cup lemon juice gives the body the required  daily requirement of vitamin C is necessary to enhance the burn excess body fat process.

Recipes for Diet Lemon:

1. You can take a large glass of lemon juice every morning plus ginger and then eating healthy      breakfast after 15 minutes or more of a drink.
2. Bring a large glass of water and my situation with a little cumin and lemon incised into this  mixture and leave until the morning segments and then drinking it on the national Alre after you wake up from sleep and this will help you to get rid of obesity and abdominal fat.
3. Do not forget the exploitation of lemon peel also to get the best results, so we recommend the 

following Balrgim:
- Kilo squeeze of lemon juice and nationalist save in a clean bottle.
- Boil the lemon peel for half an hour in two liters of water and then Discard peels and Keep water.
- My guest peels boiled water to lemon juice and Keep it in the refrigerator.
- You can eat this drink per day in the morning or just before each meal you eat during the day as you    need to lose weight and preferably not be a local.
- Eat healthy snacks during the day include the most important nutrients beneficial to your body and    you can increase the number so that they are 4 or 5 simple meals so you do not feel hungry.
- Continue to drink this drink for three months and you'll notice the desired results since the second    week.

Tips to follow the diet rumen

7 Tips to follow the diet rumen and get a flat belly

Flat belly is not the result of the exercise of folds abdominal exercise only. But that nutrition, antenna activity, stand erect and even genetics are all factors that affect the shape of your abdomen. What is the optimal rumen diet to get a flat belly and consistent? Read the following article. It is important in our time to remember the importance of appearance and the importance of getting rid of the rumen, in addition to the laws that we have to maintain in order to get on the belly attractive and together, the calorie least, physical activity intense, stand proper erectus and others, all of which limit the way you towards the abdomen that dream out.

1. proper stand erect

The wrong stand a very common problem, and directly affect the shape of the body and therefore the size of the abdomen. In addition, the erroneous to determine the effects of long-term summed up not walk curved but the pressure on the back and knees.

 2. Body Exercises

Everything related to fitness exercises aimed to settle the stomach, there is an important and urgent law must be followed, which should work on all parts of the body, not just the abdomen. There is a misconception among many people that the best way to strengthen the abdominal muscles are holding exercises flexion of the abdomen or just extra exercises move the abdominal area - but it is not.

3. Three-dimensional exercises

To activate the abdominal muscles, not enough exercise bends traditional mono-dimensional. They focused on three major force exercises, which in turn run the lower abdomen and upper abdomen and sides of the abdominal muscles. Can run the upper part of the abdomen through the belly curves normal that we all know, lie on your back and lift your torso toward your feet.

4. proper nutrition

Simply put, in order to get a flat belly we eat are eating less and move more. Eating a diet that includes small amounts of calories and fat, eat regular meals around the clock and maintain sufficient quantities of food. In order to keep a flat belly you must burn more calories than their value accumulated in the fat cells.

5. cared digestive system

One of the most common cause to create a paunch, is in fact the case be from the belly of a virtual, and sometimes because of various problems in the digestive system abdomen look swollen. It is therefore advisable attention to the types of food that cause you discomfort or bloating, feeling that leaves a belly full. Avoid these foods may ease you very much.

6. Do not Ttsrawa

That the attainment of the goals in all matters relating to physical fitness and appearance of the body is a matter of time. Do not believe in quick results do not believe ads that Tadkm to "graceful belly within ten days." Flat belly is the result of attendance at physical activity and proper nutrition. In order to reach the goal, we must progress gradually toward him and a balanced pace.

7. identified a realistic goal

First, do not forget that the flat belly or rumen like many of the features of our health and our appearance - is in many cases a matter of genetics, looted or yes. Many people will not be able to enjoy the flat stomach starting from a certain age and there are other even if they wish majestic paunch - will find it very difficult to get one. This does not mean that you can not improve the appearance of the abdomen with the above rules, but must develop realistic expectations about the desired result.

Fast diet to lose 8 kg in 10 days

Fast diet to lose 8 kg in 10 days

Most women dream of Bergam Akhalsn of excess weight at the same time not draining too much of their time, especially if they are at an early date with an appropriate ceremony or what.
Remember something: What gained weight over the years will not diminish in a matter of days, but there are diets gives you down quickly if it comes to the number, was a clear result shows already, but remember is least: if Tantzemi rationing amounts of food later and exercise, Vstaudin box to start faster than Ttejelin.
The following diet helps you lose 8 kg within 10 days:
The first day: species and one of the following dairy products provided Eat be skimmed (milk, curd, yogurt, milk, cheese, salty, specifically cottage cheese), Eat along with the above option or lettuce. Choose varieties only and quantitative sections of three large meals or five small.
Day Two: Eat what you would like from the fruit, provided that the product was one. Avoid bananas, mangoes, dates, figs and grapes.
Third day: make certain that the first day of the program.
Fourth day: make certain that the program of the second day.
Day Five: national eating any class of protein-rich meat (fish, chicken or eggs), and eat into its own option or lettuce, provided that the product was one throughout the day, and the quantity you like. Eat what already either on the three large meals or five small.
The sixth day: eat boiled vegetables. Avoid potatoes, peas and beans. Tnaouliha like quotas either on three large meals or five small. Do not use water to cook the chicken cook vegetables, but the water Use Only, and add the spices necessary. Do not use chicken broth cubes.
Seventh day: Eat fruits problem throughout the day. Avoid bananas, mangoes, dates, figs and grapes. They can be addressed on three large meals or five small.
Eighth day: make certain that the first day of the program.
Ninth Day: Eat green salads throughout the day, either on three large meals or five small.
Tenth day: make certain that the program of the second day.
Nutrition specialists suggests taking a break for two days, after the completion of the tenth day, and then reinstall it if necessary.